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A call for action shouted by  BlueOceanTrust Foundation

"A call to action – to return back to the oceans the free gift of life it has provided us" 

BlueOceanTrust is a small foundation with great ambitions.

We dedicate this Foundation in the spirit and honor of our partner, Dave Foster, who shared with us his passion for the earth’s oceans and the marine life within – from the moment he entered this earth to the moment he departed.


Our Founders come from all over the world, giving our Foundation no boundary or limit.  We are unlimited in the commitment our passion for conservation will contribute to the protection and preservation of wildlife, marine animals, our oceans and earth. 


In addition to real-life field experience, our Founders want to use their business and organizational skills to build a powerful force of change and provide a new dimension to what non-profits can accomplish in protecting our earth and animals.


Over the past 15 years, and often together, our Founders have had numerous magical and indescribable encounters with some of the most beautiful animals on land and in oceans.  Having whales, orcas, or sharks – and sometimes all three at the same time – swimming and turning around you, sensing you, engaging with you, is one of the most amazing experiences each of us has (or will have) encountered in our lives.  Understanding their intelligence first hand by witnessing their actions and attitude, seeing and sometimes touching their beauty, feeling their power and remembering their history – you cannot remain complacent to their despair.  These animals have withstood thousands or even millions of years on earth, before our escalating existence and swelling lifestyle began to suffocate their perpetual dance in time.


Unfortunately, the beauty of our experiences with these animals was too often clouded by the damage we saw being caused to them by humans – from our lifestyle choices, to our lack of education and respect, to our inexcusable ignorance of the importance that conservation has for our world, not only for the animals but for our lives and wellbeing as well.


We have trust in the power of the ocean to sustain human life.  The only limit on this power is the human mindset.  Hopefully, it is not yet too late to change course and save it.  For we have no right to destroy the bounty and treasure that are our oceans.  It is not up to us to decide the earth’s tenants, nor destroy their homestead without concern for their habitation or their co-existence as our neighbors.  


Preserving the oceans is our duty – for them, for us, and for our collective future generations.


To do this, it is essential that we sensitize the human population to the ocean’s distress by educating the next generation’s co-existence with it.  This is a huge challenge.  But because it is a huge challenge, it is that much more important that we have an immediate call to action and take some step in the right direction each and every day.


Without each of our help, this war will be lost.  


An ineluctable quest towards survival for all beings that share this planet, we cannot escape the duty we have to save those who did nothing to destroy it.  The intelligence of mankind must mean that we are the ones who will create the solutions to restore hope and recover our planet.


We believe that every action, no matter how big or small, will change the world and save life.  After far too long of living without consideration of our seas and marine animals, it is beyond time for change. 


Humans2Oceansby BlueOceanTrust Foundation

is a call to action – to return back to the oceans the free gift of life it has provided us since the beginning of time.


We must heed this call because our destinies are intertwined – with the ocean and with each other. 


We must therefore do this together.

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