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"Spontaneous support"

One-Time Donation


Make a one-time donation to help    BlueOceanTrust Foundation, immediately begin working on its mission .

No matter how large or how small, your one-time donation can also be in honor of a loved one.


With your donation, our volunteer teams can begin much needed action to save our waters.


Without you, the Foundation is nothing.  And without the BlueOceanTrust Foundation, the oceans’ voices will not be heard.



Recurring Donation

By choosing a recurring donation you are registering your commitment to our oceans and marine life alongside BlueOceanTrust Foundation.


Recurring donations strengthen our stability and financial independence.


They allow us to plan longer term projects, thereby multiplying our impact.


They also allow us to more quickly react with support in the face of unforeseen natural or man-made disasters.

"Wish list"

Materials & Tools

BlueOceanTrust Foundation welcomes all kinds of donations, not just financial.


Perhaps you would like to donate property (vehicles, real estate, etc). 


Or perhaps you already have materials or tools that could be needed for one of our projects. 

By donating them, you will not only assist our work by your donation (and reduce our costs in having to purchase such items), but you will also be recycling, thereby further reducing unnecessary material consumption.  Double the impact!

Please do not hesitate to suggest a donation using the below contact form.

Soon we will provide our list of needed materials and tools. It will  be continuously updated as our projects are being launched, and will be published on CrowdFunding platforms

(Donations of property and goods might also be tax-deductible.  Please seek a tax advisor if you have any questions about whether your item(s) are deductible.)


You prefer to make your donation by wire transfer,

                                                     please fill this form :

Our website is 100% secure. All banking information to process the donation payment is totally secure. We do note this information on our systems. Thanks to the SSL encryption of your banking data, and Paypal ou Stripe systems, you are assured of the reliability of your transactions. The space of the website is secure as soon as the URL starts with https.

Respect of privacy

Your details are essential for us to identify you and send the tax receipt

In accordance with the data protection laws, you have the right to check, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. To exerce this right, send your request through "contact form" of BlueOceanTrust Foundation website.

BlueOceanTrust Foundation undertakes not to communicate, sell or rent your contact information to any organization external of the foundation.

Additional question ?, please contact us through the contact form  or visit the  FAQ page


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