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humpback Whale by Joshua Barton BlueOceanTrust

by  BlueOceanTrust Foundation

" We can never do enough, but we need to start somewhere"

Assist other organizations, associations, foundations, and researchers who are leading projects related to our conservation programs by providing financial, administrative, legal, and other support.

Promote a Blue Economy and eco-tourism.


& Conservation 

Develop and implement guidelines lead by scientists and researchers.


Develop an information feedback system to researchers in the community.

Specific Project


BlueOceanTrust foundation will regularly launch specific campaigns through crowdfunding platforms.

These campaigns will correspond to  specific projects and will also be used to quickly react to unforeseen natural and man-made disasters.


Develop digital media to educate in schools and communities. Sensitize the local population living near oceans to follow conservation and reconversion programs. 

Develop appropriate supervision programs, and eco-training in the expeditions industry. Ecotourism, or Green Tourism, is sustainable tourism, more centred on the discovery and sustainability of nature and ecosystems in a controlled format based on respect for the environnement and local cultures.


Bringing our programs and mission on land with similar activities and guidelines.

Oceans are surrounded by earth; they are indissociable elements.

Create a 3D 360° film allowing total immersion in virtual reality. This will bring the marine world to people in order to educate and raise awareness.

Create and develop a Label, which certifies a business' commitment to respect and engage in environmental protection programs. Our vision is specifically oriented towards the tourism industry and other industrial companies.


The Label will exhibit an organization's good conduct, respect for global marine life and ecosystems. Making business driven by sustainability and conservation.

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