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Sperm Whale mother & son by Patrick Dykstra BlueOceanTrust Foundation

by  BlueOceanTrust Foundation

" It's easy to ignore and be afraid of what we can't see"

BlueOceanTrust Foundation is a small organization with great  ambitions. Our missions are to:

- Support: by financial, administrative and legal means, other associations, foundations, organizations, and researchers who are taking leading action related to ocean conservation programs. By this support we allow them to focus on their research and goals. 

- Educate: by developing a social education program for future generations so that they may grow up with knowledge of the importance that wildlife, big predators, and all animals have in our ecosystem.  We will also develop pedagogical projects around the inherent risks in the interaction between humans and oceans to demonstrate the urgent importance marine life has for our own survival, without forgetting that marine animals must have rights . 

- Develop and Promote:  a label and specially an Eco-Tourism Certification for the hospitality and tourism industry using a labeling or numbering system that will denote the level of commitment, conservation, and protection afforded to oceans and marine life.  The Eco-Tourism Certification will be based upon education, training, and supervision using guidelines and rules developed by the Foundation’s team and the community of scientists and experts.  The level of certification provided will exhibit the good conduct and respect afforded to global marine life ecosystems by the bearer of the Certification. 

This program will promote a BlueEconomy, ensuring that the business industry exhibits best practices relating to sustainable conservation

- Preserve: and make healthy again our oceans for the benefit of all life – humans, animals, and our planet.  We will educate populations that live close to the seas about the importance of the seas to human life, thereby driving concrete action for such communities to preserve and protect their neighborhoods for all mankind.  Our programs will use guidelines developed by the Foundation’s team of scientists and researchers to promote awareness and more action in and around these communities.

- Report: the intolerable actions that persist which are destroying our oceans.  We will bring together the voices of all those who are working to conserve and protect the oceans.  And we will unify the human voices speaking on behalf of the animals that cannot speak for themselves against human destruction.  We will compile and distribute to the community of scientists and researchers the information voiced so that they can continue to assist in the development of science that will further protect and preserve our oceans.

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