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  • What are the goals of the BlueOceanTrust Foundation?
    The Foundation's objectives are to: Support conservation and research projects / Educate on environmental issues / Develop & supervise Eco-Tourism Certification/ Preserve environments and report on findings. Our projects benefit from the interwoven participation of the research & scientific community, local populations, the tourism industry and governments. All these projects have one goal: to preserve and help oceanic ecosystems and marine animals in order to save them before it is too late. For more details, visit the website of the Foundation.
  • Who is part of the BlueOceanTrust Foundation’s team?
    Our founders and team have diverse origins and backgrounds. The founders have a corporate and entrepreneurial expertise with a passion for oceans and animals. They decided to create the BlueOceanTrust Foundation to dedicate part of their time and money to save oceans. Their business, organizational and administrative skills are supported by other professionals, experts and scientists who assist them in their mission. Their hope is that Humanity will finally understand the crucial importance to preserve oceans and will act to that effect. Please visit the website to learn more about the Founders, the Team and the Expert board.
  • How can I be sure that my donations will be used to support the projects?
    The BlueOceanTrust Foundation is a non-profit organization. We are committed to total financial transparency. At the end of each year, activity reports, funds allocation and working capital details will be published. All the founders and members of the team are volunteers and finance the foundation from their own funds and private donations. We aim to have a streamlined structure with extremely low operating costs to maximize funding allocation to foundation projects.
  • How I can help the Foundation?
    There are many ways to help the Foundation. You can make a donation, whether of your time, materials or through a financial donation, to be involved in our projects. Please check our website pages: donate or get involved.
  • I would like to share information about a situation I have been a witness to.
    We are pleased to receive your witness account, please follow the process on the website’s "Get Involved" page and click on the link "Be a Spotter". You will be able to upload your testimony, pictures, video... The BlueOceanTrust Foundation’s team will contact you upon reception of your information.
  • How can I deduct my donations from my taxes?
    After making your donation online on the BlueOceanTrust Foundation’s website, you will receive a receipt for your tax deduction. The BlueOceanTrust Foundation is a non-profit organization with the 501(c)(3) status which allow your donations to be tax-deductible in the USA (up to 30% deduction on your taxes). We are also seeking a similar status in Europe.As of now, the application is ongoing and we are waiting for our status confirmation for Europe (up to 66% deduction on your taxes). For the rest of the World, please check your local applicable tax principles and let us know if you need any form of documentation from us in order for you to deduct your donation(s).
  • How can the BlueOceanTrust Foundation finance our project?
    If you are an association, researcher, scientist or anyone acting for the protection of oceanic ecosystems and marine animals; you can ask for help from the BlueOceanTrust Foundation. Send us an email explaining your project and needs, we will get back to you as soon as possible to see how we can collaborate.
  • How is the BlueOceanTrust Foundation funded?
    The BlueOceanTrust Foundation is funded by the founders’ personal income and private donation from individuals and corporations.
  • Is the BlueOceanTrust Foundation a political or governmental foundation?
    The Foundation is apolitical. It is independent and uncompromising in its actions and projects to help the environment.
  • I don’t want to receive any more information from the foundation
    If you no longer want to receive communication materials from the BlueOceanTrust Foundation, send us a message and we will remove your details from our database.
  • I was unable to make my donation online
    Please send us a message with the details of your donation issues and we will send you a form to make your donation happen. We are sorry for any technical issue that may arise and thank you for your support. It is important and matters to us.
  • I want to make a donation without creating a Paypal account
    Two other donation options are available: - Click on the Paypal button, then click on pay without a Paypal account and enter in the following page your donation and credit card information for it to go through. - Or use the Stripe button and enter your donation and credit card details. All our payment options are secure processes for your information and transaction. If there are technical issues, please send us an email with the details of your donation issues and we will send you a form to make your donation happen. Thank you for your support. It is important and matters to us.
  • How can I be a volunteer?
    You can go on the BlueOceanTrust Foundation’s website on the page "Get Involved" and click: become a volunteer. Please follow the process on that page.


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