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by  BlueOceanTrust Foundation



Our Team and Expert Advisory committee come from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. They are scientists, academics, researchers, ecologists, engineers and more. Their varied profiles and complementary expertise form the backbone of the Foundation. 



We are proud of our Ambassadors’ support.  They communicate, testify, and spread the word of the important work we are doing and, more importantly, the work that we still need to do.  They are able to quickly and effectively mobilize our far-reaching often global community to immediate and urgent action

This list is only going to get longer.


Our gallery is filled with video and photographs taken during our expeditions, research, projects, and campaigns.  These images serve as a stunning reminder of the beauty of our environment, and the havoc we are evoking on it by pollution of all kinds.


Our Partners are a myriad of organizations, companies, associations, and communities who support our work.  They provide assistance through a variety of means, including donations, pro bono work, volunteering, and many other ways. 


Articles and publications related to our work and expeditions.

We are now planning to communicate about our actions and come out of the shadows.


BlueOceanTrust Foundation is committed to being transparent and accountable to our donors and partners.  We are a not-for-profit organization and will make public our accounts, which have been audited by independent external auditors.

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