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We are proud of our Ambassadors’ support.  They communicate and spread the word for the important work we do and what still needs to be done. They are able to quickly and effectively mobilize the global community for immediate and urgent action.

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james reed.jpg

James Reed,

Awarded Documentary Filmmaker and Producer

A life-long love for the ocean, diving and animals. What could be more natural than to support the BlueOceanTrust Foundation.

kerby rosanes.jpg

Kerby Rosanes,

Designer - Illustrator - Artist

My favorite animal is whale. I am a huge supporter of efforts in saving the environment, especially the oceans.

Valérie Espinasse,

Dr of Pharmacy and Micro-Nutrition Expert

How can we talk about health if we are not taking care of our planet and its amazingly diverse wildlife.

Sidey the shark.jpg

Sidey the Shark,

Guide & Diving Instructor

For years with our team of Liquid Salt Divers instructors, I have shared my passion for the ocean and animals and daily work to save them.

Romain Wattel,

ProTour Golfer

It's amazing to see the BlueOceanTrust team’s fascination with the planet and their drive to inspire people to love and save oceans and marine life.

Mickael Barzalona.jpg

Michaël Barzalona,

Professional Horse Racing Jockey 

I would like to help raise awareness for the need to react urgently in efforts to save our planet. It's never too late.

Martine Larroque,

Mauï Jim Managing Director

Years after participating in an Everest climb, I found the same connection to mother nature when I joined a BlueOceanTrust expedition.


Evelyne Sellem,

Biologist, Academic Research

I have been committed to environmental causes for more than 30 years. Supporting this Foundation is a natural step.


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