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Sperm Whale by BlueOceanTrust foundation

by  BlueOceanTrust Foundation

"Everyone, every action count & could make the difference"

"To choose your option click DONATE"

You are like us: concerned about the future survival of our planet, people, and wildlife. 

You are sensitive to our structure and philosophy: a small Foundation  with great ambitions.

It has become intolerable for you to remain complacent while daily massacre of the earth’s biodiversity and big marine animals continues

Like us, you think that everyone must act in order to counteract the current direction. Your actions and donations are fundamental. No gesture or gift is too small. 

To carry out and succeed in changing mentalities, do not consider as a fatality, the BlueOceanTrust Foundation needs your donations.

BlueOceanTrust Fondation is funded only by  donors and its founders.

The Foundation’s accounts will be made public and audited each year by an independent, external accounting firm.

Make a donation to BlueOceanTrust Foundation!  We are committed to transparency and the secure use of donations by engaging in concrete programs that further our mission of research, information gathering and sharing, and education – all to provide assistance, protection, and preservation of our earth’s waters and marine life..

BlueOceanTrust Foundation is a non-profit organization that has applied for 501(c)(3) status so that your donations may be tax- deductible.  We will also be seeking similar status in Europe.

Current situation of the  Foundation:

  • USA: 501(C3) statute  - Tax deduction up to 30% of your US Taxes

  • Europe: scheduled mid 2020 - Tax deduction expected up to 60% of your European Taxes.

In the meantime  BlueOceanTrust  still need now your donation and generosity to launch our programs.

Any question ?,do not hesitate to contact us through the  contact form

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