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" All our projects are linked - they are pieces of a whole"

Financing Hub

Support Hub 

Assist associations, foundations, organizations, and researchers who are leading projects related to our conservation programs. By providing them with financial, administrative, legal, and other support, we allow them to focus on their research and goals.

Search for, list, and link great projects focused on the oceans and marine life conservation.

Promote a Blue Economy and eco-tourism with sustainable perspectives.

Social Education 

Develop entertaining and educational digital media and documentaries for our schools and communities.

Sensitize the local population living near oceans to follow conservation and reconversion programs. For example, we are teaching fisherman how to involve eco-tourism into their livelihood.

Materialize speech with concrete action amongst the population. Some people may be extremely poor, not aware of nor have the means or privilege to worry about the urgent need to preserve the oceans. With Blue Economy strategy, we can assist people to both better their lives and simultaneously protect and conserve. For many people, the ocean provides a living and is a major part of their way of life.

Social Education


All our expeditions are filmed and documented.

One of the projects we will undertake is the creation of a 3D 360° film allowing total immersion in virtual reality. This will allow people to virtually touch and feel the big marine animals that are in danger. Bringing the marine world to them will educate and sensitize them to the despair of the animals. The conviction that these concrete images will engender is more powerful than mere words can provide. 


We have already witnessed the amazement of schoolchildren to pictures and video. Imagine the impact 3D 360° virtual reality will have on them.  

In addition, our films are also intended for the scientific community; because nature can always surprise us in new and unimaginable ways, from which there is much to learn.


Research, Rescue & Conservation 

Develop and implement guidelines led by scientists and researchers.

Develop and monitoring new research's programs with scientists.

Develop an information feedback system to researchers in the community.

Implementation of rescue protocols through programs led by the eco-tourism industry, local populations, and others.

Creating an alert relay system to raise awareness of environmental needs and dangers.

Expedition EcoTourism

Expedition EcoTourism 

Mass tourism has developed around animals in the wild, but most of the time without any qualification or respect of basics rules and common sense. BlueOceanTrust will develop a concept of supervision and training for the expedition industry.

Ecotourism, or Green Tourism, is sustainable tourism more centered on the discovery and sustainability of nature and ecosystems in a controlled format based on respect for the environnement and local cultures.

Developing synergies between the tourism industry, local populations, and the scientific community will build bridges and can transform a simple business environment into a Blue Economy.

Expedition Ecotourism is part of our educational campaign and certification Label.

BlueOceanTrust also runs expeditions. All our expeditions are managed by strict rules and guidelines based on respect for animals in order to protect the safety and tranquility of marine wildlife. Our first goal is to allow people the opportunity to observe this unique experience and share it with others who will assist in the conservation of oceans and marine life. These expeditions will also finance our missions and projects.

The Label

The Label 

Create and develop a new Label which certifies a business' commitment to respect and engage in environmental protection programs. Our vision is specifically oriented towards the tourism industry and other industrial companies.

We want to turn the tourism industry into an Eco-Tourism industry that is part of a Blue Economy, making sure that their business is based on principles of sustainability and conservation.

The BlueOceanTrust Label Certification is a guarantee that the business holding it respects the rules and guidelines established by the conservation community under the supervision of the Foundation. The Label is intended to be developed in conjunction with government services departments to promote a Blue Economy and save their country's "nature wealth," which is being destroyed in an uncontrolled setting.

The Label will be linked with the BlueOceanTrust Foundation's Convention, to encourage people -- and specifically companies and governments -- to respect their commitments to existing international environmental conservation laws, which are currently being violated on a daily basis.

The Label is based on specific action, and implemented controls, training, and supervision using guidelines and rules promulgated by the Foundation's scientists and experts, to respect the environment.

The Label is not the purchase of a marketing conscience.

Development and lobbying for The Label is in progress.

Details and documentations Coming Soon >
Specific Project

Specific Projects

BlueOceanTrust foundation will regularly launch specific campaigns through crowdfunding platforms.

These campaigns will correspond to  specific projects and will also be used to quickly react to unforeseen natural and man-made disasters.

Coming Soon >
On Land Action

On Land Action 

Bringing our programs and missions on land with similar activities and guidelines.

Oceans are surrounded by earth; they are indissociable elements.

All actions and initiatives on earth have a direct impact on the oceans.

Coming Soon >

" And more to come, ... "


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