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ECO-STORE          under construction

The eco-store has multiple objectives:

  • Raise additional funds necessary for the foundation’s projects

  • Promote ecological initiatives we support

  • Help those that undertake and create sustainable actions and products

  • Encourage those who share our values


The product selection curated by BlueOceanTrust Foundation are fair trade, made from recycled materials or in line with an aspect of environmental respect.


Buying on the Eco-store is a gesture of help towards the initiatives we have selected.


The product prices will include a small markup which will be entirely used for BlueOceanTrust projects.


If you would like to customize any product, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen if it is possible.

Open Hands Icône
humpback whale by Joshua Barton BlueOceanTrust.jpg

by  BlueOceanTrust Foundation


"  Working on the items selection ..."

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