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The Participative Alerts Network Denounce  with Filming, Witnessing

Be a Spotter and participate to alert It's simple.

You are a witness of an event, phenomena linked with the foundation field, that you want to denounce.

All you need to do is: Take pictures or videos and send it to BlueOceanTrust through the form bellow


Fill the contact form (step1) & Upload your pictures or video (step 2)

All your details will not be public or shared, but useful to contact you back.

We will contact you for verification and actions.

Ask for assistance if needed: contact us or send an email to:

I accept that my testimony and all documents sent be used by the BlueOceanTrust foundation.

I accept the conditions of use by the foundation 

STEP 1 on 2

Please click on the Validation button before upload Step 2 Final

Step2 Be Spott
STEP 2 Final
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